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Crazy Domains UK hosting and domains review

About Crazy Domains

Crazy Domains is an interesting company… They appear from their website to be UK based, with UK servers and UK support. Upon closer inspection, they are owned by a company called ‘DreamScape Networks‘ which appears to operate out of the UAE (United Arab Emirates). When you read through the ‘about us’ section (which I couldn’t find directly on the website, I had to Google it!) They suggest

“Our offices, support, and data centres are networked around the world including Australia, Europe, Asia, India, New Zealand, Middle East, as well as the United Kingdom and United States.”

Hmm, so it’s not really clear where your website will end up being hosted, or where the support will be based. My only issue with this is transparency. I want to work with a company who is clear where my data will be stored and who I’ll be able to speak to when things go wrong.


Although I’d forgive you if you’ve not heard of Crazy Domains before, they’ve been around a while. Their website suggests that they’ve been operating since 2000 and they’ve even had TV adverts starring the ‘face of Crazy Domains – Pamela Anderson’. They’re an interesting and somewhat confusing company, with a wide range of products and services on offer. Speed and features of websites and Hosting are often very similar, but what is often lacking seems to be customer service and support and ways of actually getting in touch with someone when you need help. Crazy Domains seems to have this covered, as their contact page lists –

  • 5 email addresses
  • 4 phone numbers (or variants of)
  • Three UK offices (by appointment only)
  • A postal address
  • Various social media channels

Support is also supposedly open 24/7, with support queries being answered ‘within 72 business hours’.

And just in case you were wondering… here’s the ‘apparently’ nationwide TV advert made by Pamela Anderson and Crazy Domains. Surreal stuff.

What they offer

They seem offer a somewhat bewildering array of products and services. For a company called Crazy Domains, their products and services consist of *(but are not limited to…) –

  • Domain Names (every variant imaginable from .com, org, .uk to .au – over 700 in fact!)
  • Their own website builder tool (everyone needs one of those)
  • Very ‘generous’ hosting packages (their Economy Package offers 150gb of space!) but bizarrely only allows you to host 1 website and have 10 databases….
  • Email hosting
  • SSL certificates
  • Dedicated servers (from £12 a month!)
  • A design team to design logs and websites for you
  • Email marketing software
  • Search engine submission service
  • Online ‘web protection’ hacker protection service
  • A fax to email service

Not just domains then.


One thing which really stands out for CrazyDomains is their pricing – this is certainly their saving grace. You could start off on their basic package and get web hosting (admittedly for 1 website) for a year, for around £24. I’m not sure on the speed or reliability of their hosting as I’ve actually never used it, but if it was for a basic site for the local chip-shop – this would probably be fine. The domain name pricing is what keeps me using Crazy Domains – you’d be hard-pushed to find anywhere cheaper for domain registrations. domains start at 50p a year, with domains listed as £2.99 a year. .com are relatively cheap too, at £6.95 a year.


Crazy Domains certainly have their place. They offer basic-no frills hosting (albeit with questionable up-time and location!) and cheaper than average domain names. Their support is apparently ‘award winning’ but I couldn’t actually find out what award this was (!). I personally regularly use Crazy Domains for domain registration, as they offer some cheap packages and there’s little that can go wrong with domains. I don’t think I’d trust them with anything which was partiqularly ‘crucial’ to the running of my business, but for a personal blog or local interest site, they’d probably be fine.

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Crazy Domains review
  • Speed
  • Cost
  • Support
  • Features


Pros –

  • Very Competitively priced
  • More features than you can imagine

Cons –

  • Unclear about location. I’m not sure where the website or emails etc would be hosted – this may be a problem for some
  • No talk of dedicated WordPress hosting packages (but 1-click installs are available)
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