Review: Krystal UK hosting

Review of Krystal UK hosting

About Krystal Hosting

Krystal Hosting is a UK hosting company which is based in England. They specialise in selling both domain names and UK hosting (including shared, reseller and dedicated hosting). They also now offer ‘Kloud’ hosting, which is the name for their dedicated ‘VPS’ hosting packages (as a quick tip, if you don’t know what that is – you don’t need it!) Krystal hosting are not ranked as one of the larger companies in the UK, and with less than 10 employees, you’ll be working with a pretty unique, small team. However – don’t let that fool you – they certainly know their stuff! With over a decade experience and nearly 24 thousand websites hosted with them, you’ll be working with a company which does things slightly different….


Krystal Hosting are not new player to the game. They started off over a decade ago by selling shared hosting out of their then American-based datacentre, but they quickly realised if they wanted to do things differently, they had to be based exclusively within the UK. This sets them apart from other hosting providers who ‘appear’ to be UK based, but are actually just ‘reselling’ hosting space which they are renting from abroad (usually the USA).


One of the main unique features which sets them apart is their customer service. You can either submit a support ticket through the website or, unusually, you can give them a call on a UK (non-premium telephone number). That’s unusual as almost all of the hosting providers out there handle support electronically, so it’s refreshing to be able to speak to someone over the phone!

This support means that they consistently receive excellent reviews on review sites like ‘The Review Centre’. With an average review of 4.9/5

Review Centre Ratings for Krystal Hosting Uk
Review Centre Ratings for Krystal Hosting UK

What they offer

The main services which they have to offer are –

  • Standard (shared) hosting – backed by CPanel
  • Business Hosting (generally on faster servers than the standard hosting)
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers in the form of VPS (virtual private servers)
  • One-click install of many popular scripts including WordPress
  • Domain hosting

Only one of their ‘standard’ packages offers ‘unlimited’ bandwidth (the £9.99 a month Ruby package). I’ve found that even with relatively busy sites, the ‘non-unlimited’ packages offer more than enough.

Our Review

Krystal Hosting offer a great range of packages which are competitively priced. Their speed, support and general ethos is also top-notch and we’ve genuinely never had a single problem with anything which they’ve got to offer. Although this is the case, they’re certainly priced slightly higher than other UK hosting providers, but the support offered by the excellent team makes up for this.

The telephone support is a massive bonus, as when I’ve got a problem (usually something which I’ve done wrong!) I’d rather give someone a call than submit a ticket and wait for a response, so this is a massive bonus for me.

The fact that the hosting offers ‘CPanel’ is a massive bonus too, as when hosts have their own system in place (like 1&1 and many others) things just get complicated. CPanel acts as a dashboard for your entire website and domain package and is very simple to use.

Overall, they’re certainly our ‘recommended’ host for any website or web application, from a small-basic starter site or blog to a big-business website.

(They also offer a ‘no-quibble’ 30 day money back guarantee too – just in case!)

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Krystal Hosting Review
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Support
  • Cost
  • Features


Pros –

  • Very competitively priced
  • Excellent range of features including CPanel
  • Fast and UK based
  • Free 24/7 support by ticket
  • Free phone support

Cons –

  • Our tests found them to be a little slow compared to others
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